Hexapod Dance

06/21/2008 - 12:00


Just like in a “real” soccer match, the stars of the robot football European championship will be cheered on by their supporters. But these aren’t flesh-and-blood fans; they’re so-called hexapod robots.

The Top 10 in the Austrian Hexapod Championship’s Dance category will be livening things up during halftime breaks. A hexapod is a six-legged robot. Technologists prefers to install wheels for locomotion purpose, but nature equips its creatures with legs, which are advantageous when it comes to moving securely across uneven terrain.
Engineers in the field of bionics seek to take advantage of design solutions found in nature. Running is a very complex process. Robots with six legs have proven to be the simplest and most secure variant. The Hardware/Software Systems Engineering program at Hagenberg Technical College stages an annual championship for six-legged robots. This year, 39 teams from schools throughout Austria took part. The aim is to get as many students as possible fired up about robotics.

Anyone who’s interested can get a free Hexapod 2008 DVD from the 2008 Hexapod Championships.